MDCNY to Protest Donald Trump at NYS GOP Gala

New York-based club plans mobilization to protest GOP’s embrace of Trump

The Muslim Democratic Club of New York (MDCNY) plans to protest Donald Trump’s attendance at the New York State Republican Party’s Gala in Manhattan on April 14th.

“MDCNY plans to mobilize our communities to protest against the hateful, bigoted, racist, and xenophobic Trump candidacy,” said MDCNY board member Linda Sarsour. “The NYS Republican Party’s embrace of this candidate shows just how out of touch they are with the millions of Muslim, Black, Latinx, immigrant, women, and other New Yorkers who stand for inclusion and unity over fear and hatred. Their celebration of Donald Trump reinforces what we already know—the Party is only concerned with appealing to the small sliver of the population that shares this bigoted worldview.”

MDCNY Secretary Mohammad Khan remarked “for Muslims, along with Black and Latinx communities and others, the candidacy of Donald Trump represents not just the usual bad Republican politics, but a very real existential threat. His calls for banning Muslims from America, rants about lining Muslims up and shooting them, calls to deport and uproot immigrant families, and violence against Black protestors at his rallies mean that we cannot sit idly by and allow him to spread his message of hate.”

The Muslim Democratic Club of New York is a city-wide organization dedicated to increasing the civic empowerment of Muslim New Yorkers and advancing progressive policies in the Democratic Party.

Contact: Mohammad Khan - [email protected] - (646)883-8091